Any day–except tomorrow–would be a great day for this baby to arrive.  Around this time with my first pregnancy, my nesting activities consisted of amassing a stockpile of baby socks and knitting knitting knitting.  When we were ready, I literally called “olly olly oxen free” on my blog–and out she came a couple days later.

This time, my nesting stage feels complete much earlier.  My knitting projects are done.

the diaper cover that matches that hat isn’t shown

My baby sock compulsion… continues.

infant sock insanity

in my defense, approximately 90 percent are hand-me-downs.

Uncomfortable and feeling bruised on the inside from the kicking and stretching, I’m ready to shout “olly olly oxen free” at this point.  37 going on 38 weeks is enough.  As I told my OB at my appointment last Friday, “I’m done.”  My OB responded that, yeah, this part is more uncomfortable the second time around.  But I should be patient and take it easy, yadda yadda, we want the baby to stay put at least another week, blah blah blah.

Easy for her to say.  I think she’s just excited about her labor day weekend plans. (Which I don’t blame her for a bit.  It’s just that my labor day plans would, ideally, involve some labor, but will instead likely just involve a lot of being uncomfortable in one place or another.)

The rest of this pregnancy has gone so quick, but this last, waiting part feels sooooo slow.  We’re ready to have another baby around this place, for, lo, we are plumb out of babies at the moment.  Absolutely, completely, no babies here right now.  None.

For, yes, officially, our first baby is now a big girl (sob!).  She corrects me straight away if I call her my baby.  After all, she’s a kindergartener now– starting tomorrow.  A kindergartener!   (blubbering over here).

So, yes, we’re ready for a new baby around this place.  Just, it can’t happen tomorrow.  Or I might burst.

But the day after?  Bring it on, olly olly, bring it on.