So my recent post didn’t work. I’m now officially more pregnant than I’ve ever been.

The downside of having your first baby at 38 weeks (which felt about perfect to me and the healthy baby I was happy to deliver) is that, if you’re me, you expect your second one to come by that time, too.  And you set your mental clock to it.  And when your body hits the snooze button, you feel off kilter, in addition to uncomfortable and just done already already.

The upside of having your first baby at 38 weeks is that she’s still a manageable size when she comes out. If I’m starting to get anxious about giving birth, it’s the size issue that’s starting to feed my anxiety. They’re longstanding issues: see Jayne’s birth story, which I just republished below.

How crazy is it that I’m hoping to go through that again, and as soon as possible?