I was almost pregnant forever.

With my due date five days in the rear view mirror, we went in for monitoring and another little peek at the little one who, we learned, was simply very cozy and happy to remain nestled in my belly.  On the drive home from our appointment, I began outlining a blog post designed to cast a lingual spell that would bring baby out into the world.  Look baby, this bassinet is ready to hold you while you dream, this swing will rock-a-bye you to your heart’s content, these arms right here are ready to hold you.  Trust us, baby, you think you’re cozy in there with your nose on my bladder, your forehead on my hipbone, and your knee in my kidney, but you have much to learn.  Come out, sweet pea.  It’s time. 

Words can do things like that, you know.  They can totally bring babies into the world.

Ordinary life and a set of cramps got in the way of writing out that post; I went to bed a little early that night.  The exercise of composing it in my head must have done the trick, though.  A few hours later, I woke up as my water broke.

So, yes.

She’s here.

And I think she’s learned that it’s much sweeter to be out in the world.