Time in Newbornlandia is relatively relative. Even though this post may get a Sept. 4th date stamp, I’m drafting it during the first couple wakeups of the night. There’s a gray zone between days here, and I’m going to call this one a NaBloPoMo success.

So, since it’s day 3, here are 3 memorable things from November 3rd:

1. 2 goals— our day started at the elementary school soccer field, from which the sun retreated the minute we stepped foot on the grass. Jayne’s face lit it back up though, twice. Her first AND second goals EVER went in.


2. Date night–Thanks to my babysitting in-laws, Ben took me to the NBA opener at the Verizon center tonight, where we watched a miserable first quarter become an exciting last second, one point loss. Ah, well. The delicious pumpkin martini I enjoyed at Ella’s after the game was sweeter than victory.

3. Myriam’s wakeups tonight— were plural…but i guess i could say that at least they were on the shorter side. (still, the plural part’s not especially good for my memory or other cognitive functions. Guess its a good thing I have a blog, huh?)