Jayne turned six and cupcakes and Wizards games and concerts at the Kennedy Center and full time at the office and Jayne in ballet and nursing and pumping and nursing and the delicious chub on Myriam’s wrists and she’s closer to five months now than four and she laughs and Jayne laughs and dances for her and my role is changing at work and its a sideways move with more room to grow and Ben has a new job and he’s so excited to really give his MBA skills a run and its getting crowded here and should we buy a condo? a second car? and sequestration and a short furlough likely for me and oh, I could actually use the down time and we forgot to drink the sparkling wine I saved to celebrate the first anniversary of my dissertation defense since I was pregnant last year and wait, Ben can’t have wine right now because he’s on a strict elimination diet to see if his Menier’s can get under control (so far so good) and it’s so hard to find foods he can eat that have no salt nuts onions bananas avocados msg caffeine alcohol chocolate poor guy at least we’re saving by not eating out and its hard to cook every night rather than order pizza Indian Thai Chinese and I have a chocolate stash and I have a new knitting project because we have a new nephew and yay a new nephew! and our baby’s growing so fast she’s a delight and ugh I hate getting up at five and wish I could fit into my regular clothes again but almost there at least I don’t have very much further to go and its not like I have time to exercise it’s mostly just nursing and Myriam is 14 pounds already no wonder and it would feel good if I had time to exercise though at least I get to do some weightlifting between the baby and carrying around my work laptop and telecommuting and all the baby gear and photos and last year’s 365 book and the view from our balcony the sound of Myriam’s coos and Jayne making her own peanut butter sandwiches and she reads! she reads! and wow now I know where I got my irrational fear of panthers when I was a kid even though our house was not a Little House in the Woods and I think we’ll switch to Lucy Maud Montgomery now and it’s way too soon to introduce Jayne to Harry Potter she would get scared and she has such a tender heart and wow I haven’t thought about Molly Bloom in a while yes yes yes I said yes and it would also be nice to put something on my blog because life is so good and so full and so sweet and so crazy right now I want to capture it wrap my arms around it tape some words to it log it in my memory bookshelf for safekeeping all time because these are good good days busy days and ahhh I better go shower and dry my hair before the baby wakes up from her nap.