The clean and tidy of my previous post mocks me. Our living room now looks like this:


Things have gone from two-working parents-with-an-infant-and-a-soccer-playing-ballerina hectic to two-working-parents-with-jobs-temporarily-in-different-cities-and-househunting/taking-on-a-mortgage-and-moving-back-to-the-Midwest-with-a-toddler-and-a-soccer-playing-ballerina nutso around here. One day, one day, I will rise to blog again. Perhaps with DIY/home improvement content. Or not, I don’t know. Lend me some well-rested brain cells and a 30 hour day and I’ll give you a better answer. Meantime, here are the girls plotting to take over the world:


“Okay, sister. This is fun but let’s go find a new adventure!”