We greeted the morning today with funfetti waffles.  It was as much a celebration of 2013’s end as anything else.  I mean, overall, 2013 was very good to us, but if 2013’s slinky tail got caught in the door on the way out, I wouldn’t really have minded.  Frankly,  I would have been leery of posting a pic like the above in 2013 for fear that I would proceed to drop my phone in the batter, slip on my way to the sink, and turn around to find the toddler reaching for some other crisis.  All in all, our day-to-day experience of 2013 got to feeling a bit like playing whack-a-mole.  Something was always popping up that needed our attention, when we already had this thing here and that thing there that needed handling rightthisminute.  Sometimes, we felt like the moles.

And, now, it’s a brand new year, and we are enjoying the many, many good things that 2013 left in its wake.  Welcome, 2014.  I shall ignore the fact that you started out with an up-in-the-middle-of-the-night sick toddler, because when she went to bed tonight, she blew kisses and pressed them into my hand.