A photo a day, mainly from my phone– that’s my modest aim for posting here in 2014.  This will be my fourth 365 project.  I completed my first two when we lived abroad in the U.K., and the third was the year I finished my Ph.D. and had our second child.  Good years, all of them.  This year’s project shows our daily life now that we live in Kansas in our very own first house.  It’s a good year so far.

About me?  Oh, I’m a woman with a career, a spouse and partner in equally-shared parenting, a first grader, a toddler, and a taste for the sweet.  I’m a reader of books (especially Irish novels), taker of photos, wearer of red, lover of wide open spaces, fan of micro-commutes, knitter of silly baby hats, ex-expat, fan of cats, baseball, MadMen, Parks and Recreation, and Dallas (the 80s version, and probably the new series if I could manage to find time to sit down and watch it).


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