Now that I’ve laid out the plot turns that have happened since my old blog went on hiatus, I’m going to turn on the flux capacitor and get back to the future…er, present.

(Honestly, the effect’s pretty similar to the way things have felt around here lately; this pregnancy has sometimes felt like it’s sped by in a DeLorean, even as it feels like I’ve been through this time before.)

Anyway, besides restarting to blog, we decided to to capture some memories of this fleet-footed pregnancy by having some family portraits taken.  We met up with Abbie Rufener on Sunday at one of our favorite places: the Hirshorn Museum of Contemporary Art, which is just across the river from us, and also just down the street from both of our offices.  Jayne happens to love the place, too (with her current favorite installation being Jesus Rafael Soto‘s).

Abbie was great fun during the session and did a beautiful job with her camerawork.  We commiserated about how we each typically end up behind the camera, which makes me appreciate having this time in our lives recorded even more.

Abbie posted some images from our photo session here.  Go check them out!

UPDATED TO ADD: Here are some previews Abbie provided so I could upload them here.

B & J